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There is nothing to see here, this is just a place holding page for a future website. This will be the "about" page.

This is a new website, and I am not going to pretend to be an expert on smoking foods. I am not even an expert on making websites. It is what it is. What I am though, is honest, and a quick learner. I am a decent cook, when using other methods of cooking, but smoking foods is a new experience. I do not expect this website, to be the best on the topic, it certainly will not be.
If you go to the forum area, you will find there is virtually nothing there at the moment, as I said, it is a new website. The idea behind the user forum is that you, the visitor to the Food Smoking Tips website, get to ask questions, and provide information from your own experiences. Please, just be honest, and leave you egos at the door. Realize that people have different tastes in food. One will like spicy, another sweet, still another will prefer things on the bland side. This is all okay. None of these things are better than the other, as things are a matter of taste.

Same thing will go for the kinds of woods used for smoking, or which style of smoker is best? There is no best answer; again, it will depend on the needs and preferences of each individual. Feel free to have an opinion, and express what you like and what you dislike about whatever you are commenting on, just be willing to let other have and express their opinions also.

Have fun, try to be helpful and make this site grow into a good resource. As for me, the site is a contribution to help others learn, just as I am learning. I do not plan to make money from it. I live on a small fixed income, and that is enough for me. However, there may be some operational costs (right now they are very small) associated with running this website. I may (likely will) have a few advertisers here to help defray the cost of running this sight. Computers eventually give out, website hosting costs money, sometimes, new software may be purchased, or a digital camera or whatever, new accessories might be purchased to try out and review for the site, and if that happens, I will do my best to give accurate assessments, so you can decide if something will work for you, without wasting your time and money.

If there comes a time, when this site happens to take in more money that it costs to run, then excess will go to charity, or into giveaways for the users of this site. What I mean to say here, is that this site is not about making money, but it is not about losing money either. There are no membership fees planned, and I expect to keep even advertising to a minimum, with no annoying popups. Ads, if any, will just be featured on pages and may be ignored as you choose.

One way that a manufacturer or retailer can get some exposure on this site, could be to just send something to me for review. I will try it, and report my findings to the readers of this site, but the deal is there, that if you send something for me to try out, you need to understand, that my reviews will be honest. If what you send is junk, that is how I will describe it - but I will not be unnecessarily brutal, just informative to that readers can make the best informed decisions.

I have no details worked out about ads nor product submissions at this time, as I said, the site is new, and policies are not developed yet, they will evolve with time. Right now, there are not a lot of readers of this site. With some time, that may change. As such, I recognize that exposure here, is not worth a lot. I am not naive enough to think, that advertising here is worth much, but I am also aware that it is not worth nothing, and the value will grow over time. I am not greedy, not hoping to make a killing from this site, I will be happy if it is just a hobby that pays for itself.